I believe that people are inherently good. We want to be helpful and make others feel good. When people are in crisis, we often scramble for ways to make them feel better and to avoid sitting in the pain with them. Being with someone in their distress is hard. People say some of the strangest […]


July 18, 2022

10 Of The Most Unhelpful Things You Can Say When Someone Is In Pain

The internet keeps telling me there’s something else I need to fix, learn, or improve. I open my phone and reflexively click on Instagram. I scroll. Something in my brain tells me to exit out and move to Tiktok. More scrolling. Video of parenting advice. Ok I can get behind that but wow I am […]


April 25, 2022

You’re Good Enough

“I’m Triggered” Is A Popular Phrase, But What Does It Actually Mean? Triggered has become a very popular adjective over the years and the meaning has gotten super watered down… So, I like to use emotional flooding as a solid definition for getting “triggered.” According to Dr. John Gottman, emotional flooding is our nervous system […]


March 2, 2022

Triggered: What To Say And Do When You’re Emotional

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