A powerful guide to owning our emotions—even the difficult ones—in order to show up authentically in the world.



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Learn how to create affirmations that actually work (and don't leave you feeling like sh*t).

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In Toxic Positivity, Whitney draws on her training as a therapist, her own personal experience with dismissive positivity, and scientific research to show the world how positivity has become both a weapon and a shield. This groundbreaking book explains how we use platitudes to shame ourselves and others into feeling like we have to be happy all the time and have it all together.
Whitney takes a hard look at how well-meaning statements can minimize or invalidate the experience of individuals and communities when used in the wrong context. Using a blend of real-life examples and research, the book will teach the reader how to support someone who is struggling, how to empower someone without dismissing their feelings, and how to use both positive and realistic thinking to promote their own wellness and the wellness of others.